• Students at Kazo Campus
    Students at Kazo Campus

    Ooh its break time

  • Music Dance & Drama
    Music Dance & Drama

    Lets Have Fun

  • Swing Section
    Swing Section

    Leisure Fun Time

  • Students Having Fun
    Students Having Fun

    Lets Dance

  • Students Pose For a Snap
    Students Pose For a Snap

    One of the School Vans

  • Assembly Time
    Assembly Time

    Students Hearing From The Head…

  • Swing Section
    Swing Section

    Swing Time is Fun Time

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Welcome To Yudesi Schools - Kazo Campus

A private institution established and registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports. Yudesi primary school is a day and boarding primary school with over 30 staff. The school operates two different campuses, with one located at Kazo andthe other at Kalerwe along Gayaza Road which is refferd to as Gayaza Load Campus. The Kazo Campus is located in kazo town.

Seen as the first nursery primary school in the area, the school distinguishes itself by the quality of its staff members and continues to play a unique educational role in the country.

The School's Main Objective

"To offer the right Educaton by the right teachers at a cost within the means of the society under conditions that enable students to profit from their learning."

Special Progams

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  • Students at the school compound
  • Class Room Block


"As a Parent, The 'Best Gift' you can ever give to a child is Education" - So please don't ever give up on your child when it comes to Education because with where the world is heading to we all need to be educated."

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School Gallery

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