ICT Lab & Computer Lessons

What Information Technology and Computer Science means


Today computers are part of life. Every child who goes through YUDESI PRIMARY SCHOOLS, Leaves with Computer skills and knowledge.

Children who have mastered the use of computers will be ready to work and live in a technology world. They will also be given a competitive advantage when they join secondary schools where computer knowledge is examinable

Computer lessons are offered by the school right from pre-primary to primary seven.

Our spacious and well stocked modern computer Lab. Ensures a comfortable hands on learning environment for pupils.

The school computer Lab is overseen and managed by skilled full time computer instructors / teachers who provide the best computer knowledge to children at primary level. At YUDESI SCHOOLS, teaching computer skills is as important as teaching children how to read and write.


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"As a Parent, The 'Best Gift' you can ever give to a child is Education" - So please don't ever give up on your child when it comes to Education because with where the world is heading to we all need to be educated."

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