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 The Pre-Primary Section & why its so vital to a child's education

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Your child is entitled to nursery education from the beginning of the school term after he/she reaches three years of age.

At Yudesi schools nursery provision is made available to all kids in their early years since it's what lays a stronger foundation for the rest of the kids' education in a life time.

The nursery section caters for children aged from 3-6 years.These age groups are categorized into 3 levels as elaborated below

3-4 years –Baby class

4-5 years –Middle class

5-6 years –Top class

The nursery curriculum is based on the infant developmental needs. We emphasize that the development of an infant is a product of both heredity and environment.

As heredity predetermines the genetic build up, the environment makes the various inputs needed for a child to achieve the genetic potential.

Content By Teacher Joy.

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"As a Parent, The 'Best Gift' you can ever give to a child is Education" - So please don't ever give up on your child when it comes to Education because with where the world is heading to we all need to be educated."

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