Swimming pool & lessons

 Kazo Campus Swimming Pool

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We have a Swimming pool that is being watched over by well trained professional instructor who ensures safety of our children.

Swimming Lessons are free and opptional. All the childrem have to carry is swimming constume on thursdays and fridays.

Swimming lessons are offered by the school right from pre-primary to primary seven. and as away of exersice to keep our kids mind alert we enusre that the best is offered.

Regardless of having 24/7 a skilled full time swimming instructors, we made sure the pool is too shallow just to ensure safety of our kids, the water is always treated and the pool is cleaned on a daily basis.

Please feel free to visit our photo-gallery jus to have a clear view of how our pool looks like and how our swimming lessons are carried out.

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"As a Parent, The 'Best Gift' you can ever give to a child is Education" - So please don't ever give up on your child when it comes to Education because with where the world is heading to we all need to be educated."

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